Welcome to the ECCO Version 4 Tutorial

This website contains a set of tutorials about how to use the ECCO Central Production Version 4 (ECCO v4) global ocean and sea-ice state estimate. The tutorials were written in Python and make use of the ecco_v4_py Python library, a library written specifically for loading, plotting, and analyzing ECCO v4 state estimate fields.

Additional Resources

The ECCO v4 state estimate is the output of a free-running simulation of a global ca. 1-degree configuration of the MITgcm. Prior to public release, the model output files model are assembled into NetCDF files. If you would like to work directly with the flat binary “MDS” files provided by the model then take a look at the xmitgcm Python package. The xgcm Python package provides tools for operating on model output fields loaded with xmitgcm. If you wish to analyze the MITgcm model output using Matlab then we recommend the gcmfaces toolbox.

The ecco_v4_py package used in this tutorial was inspired by the xmitgcm package and gcmfaces toolboxes.

Input/Output, Data Structure Manipulation

More Advanced Calculations

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